Tracking Societal Impact with Altmetric

Tracking Societal Impact with Altmetric

  • 03h 43m
  • 26 steps
  • 10 knowledge assessments
Why should I choose this course?

Thousands of conversations about scholarly content happen online every day. Altmetric Explorer tracks a range of sources to capture and collate this activity, helping you to monitor and report on the attention surrounding the work you care about. 

If you want to:

  • track who is saying what about your work,
  • monitor the reach of your scholarly content,
  • demonstrate societal impact, 
  • showcase influence, or
  • identify the most effective communication channels,

then Altmetric can work for you. 

Learn how to use this tool with understanding and ease through a series of bite-size lessons, and dig into the data!

Who is this course for?
  • Researchers
  • Research administrators and research support staff
  • Communications officers
  • All those interested in how Altmetric works
What will I know on completion?
What can I expect?

The course is divided into levels, and levels are divided into steps that will take you on the path to knowledge! This course consists of tutorials, mini quizzes and interactive assignments to help you master the topic with ease. The course will remain open until you finish it - there are no deadlines. And there is no obligatory homework to do either - unless you want to, in which case we will be happy to check it.

You can follow it anytime, anywhere, and on any device! - including your mobile phone.

Who is the author?

All material in this tutorial has been provided by and put together by Research Impact Services at the University of Groningen. 

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Course overview

  • 03h 43m
  • 26 steps
  • 10 knowledge assessments
  • Team work supported
  • Interaction with course mentors