Analyzing academic impact with SciVal

Analyzing academic impact with SciVal

  • 04h 33m of material
  • 30 questions & answers
  • 8 practice examples
About this resource

”How does my research output 'perform' in world-leading citation databases? What are the research strengths of my institute? Are we collaborating effectively and what are our peers elsewhere doing?”

Towards answering these questions, SciVal offers an integrated modular platform that allows you to view and compare the research performance of any desired research entities such as institutions, countries, self-defined research topics and researcher groups.

If you would like to 

  • visualize your research performance,
  • Benchmark your faculty or department with competitors, collaborators or similar subject area's
  • See the impact of national and international collaboration both from academia and industry and develop strategic partnerships,
  • identify and analyze new, emerging research trends
  • Improve you grant applications to demonstrate your research performance on the specific topic
  • Improve your publication strategy and model the effect of changes on a research group.

then SciVal can work for you. 

Who is it for?
  • Researchers, research managers, research support staff and anyone with an interest in bibliometric analysis.
Which frequently asked questions will it answer?
  • Learn about all four modules in SciVal and how to set up and use them.
  • What are the metrics in SciVal and what are their strengths and weaknesses?
  • What kind of questions can be addressed with Scival. 
  • How to make different types of evaluations and reports.
Who is the author?

All material in this tutorial has been provided by and Research Intelligence Services at the University of Groningen. 

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Resource overview

  • 04h 33m of material
  • 30 questions & answers
  • 8 practice examples
  • How-to videos included
  • Q&A supported